Burn Fat While You Sleep: Becoming A Fat-Burning Machine

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Why Am I So Hungry?

Have you ever found yourself feeling HANGRY?

So hungry that you’re constantly searching the pantry and fridge for something to eat?

​If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many people feel those raging hunger pains on a daily basis, but I’m here to tell you, those hunger pains can easily be a thing of the past.

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?… It’s easy when you become a fat-burning machine.

AND HOW DO YOU BECOME A FAT-BURNING MACHINE?…By changing the fuel your body is burning, ie. changing the food you’re eating.

You see, when you start to limit the amount of carbs you’re eating your body has no other choice than to start burning fat instead of glucose as a fuel.

This is what’s known as being fat-adapted.

Fat adaption can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks depending on the amount of carbs you’re eating and how your body adjusts to the new fuel you’re giving it.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you cut out all carbs but what I am suggesting is that you begin to reduce highly processed foods such as packaged snack foods, sugar-filled treats, fast foods, etc. You’ll be surprised how fantastic you’ll feel once you start removing these things from your diet.

*Did you know that once you consume carbs your body converts them into sugars? Therefore high-carb foods are treated in a very similar way as high-sugar foods.​

Hot tip to keep in mind

A hot tip when choosing foods that will help you to become fat-adapted quicker is to check your product labels. There are multiple things to look out for on product labels, however, today I want to focus on the carb count.


Take a look at the example I’ve shared below of the nutritional panel for a popular chocolate spread. You’ll notice the carbs are listed at 57.5g per 100g.

56.3g of that carb count is coming from sugar!

If your aim is to transition your body away from burning glucose (sugars) and towards burning fat, this product is NOT for you! Eating foods with such high amounts of carbs and sugars will have your body continuing to burn glucose as fuel. With so much sugar available your body doesn’t stand a chance at tapping into your fat stores!

And so, ideally, instead of reaching for those highly processed, sugar-filled products, choose foods that contain 10g of carbs or less per 100g. Not only will choosing these foods reduce the levels of glucose within your body, but they’ll keep you feeling satiated for a lot longer.

I hope you’ve found this tip useful and will use it the next time you’re out grocery shopping!

Please shoot me a dm or email to let me know if this info was helpful and if you’d like some more hot tips on becoming fat-adapted.

About the author

Hi, I am Kim! I’m a successful clinical hypnotherapist and health coach helping women break free from sugar cravings and discover the secrets to mindful eating so that they can live an energy-filled life.

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