Bali Retreat Presentation 2020

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Early February 2020, I had the amazing opportunity to present on a world stage, in Bali.

Here, amongst some of the world’s finest, I was able to not only participate in the ‘Spice Up My Life Retreat’ but I also had the privilege and honour in sharing my knowledge and passion for living a sugar-free, low-carb life.

My presentation mainly focused on sharing powerful strategies, providing tools that could be implement immediately and opening up the minds of the participants to what might be possible when they shift their mindset around food and their body.

My approach to health and well-being begins with undertsanding how food interacts with the body; either providing energy and wellbeing or creating discomfort and disease.

The next stage is to understand what’s going on within, discovering the stories and beliefs that hold people back from creating healthy habits.

We are all a result of our daily habits, whether we’re where we want to be or whether we’re faced with excess weight gain and disease, it’s all a result of what we do each and every day.

Consistency is vital when creating a new healthy way of living which is why I shared multiple ways in which the participants could maintain consistency and continue to build motivation.

Part of my presentation also included developing an entire days menu, that not only contained healthy meals low in carbs but also included vegetarian options for each and every course. The participants loved the experience of enjoying a wide variety of healthy meal options that not only tasted great but were positively impacting their bodies.

Nothing beats having a top-class chef in Bali

A Journey of FATE

-Diane Agars, Business & Personal Strategic Coach (Retreat Facilitator)

Amazing souls came together, each individually seeking something more in their world.

Our lives are so busy that no matter who we are, or the label we carry, we often find ourselves, our personal beings, in a state of neglect without truly being conscious. Many times we believe we are doing the right thing.

One of the important, let’s say crucial, components of the retreat was nutrition. Understanding health and the impact food has on our bodies.

As a busy entrepreneur, it’s essential I’m on point with my fuel intake or I may fall into states of sabotage, sadness, lack of energy, motivation and even overwhelm just to name a few.

It causes a downward spiral, simply by not being aware of my eating habits.

We were blessed at the retreat to have Kim Caruk, world-class chef and recipe developer, provide us with an outstanding menu. This menu was simply off the charts giving us the fuel we needed to support our bodies particularly while being in Bali, and being challenged by climate, change of mind, fear, new environment and people.

This menu was completely sustainable and allowed us to be filled with vitality and energy to pursue our days.

The best part was to have an understanding of the behind the scenes of what Kim created and why.

We had the privilege for Kim to speak and to educate us.

This left all of us with a better appreciation for our food and gave us a clear direction without any effort on how we could adopt this nutritious fuel even if we don’t know how to cook.

That’s me!

The spice up my life retreat was spoilt with so many flavours to unlock and ignite the possibilities within each soul.

Here’s what some of the participants had to say about the menu…

The chicken skewers with cauliflower rice and the stuffed zucchini parcels were my favourites. Well balanced flavours, textures and temperatures that made for some very exciting meals. – Samantha

I rarely eat this type of food but my taste buds were having a party at the freshness and yumminess of it all!! Sabina

I really enjoyed that menu.  It was delicious and very tasty. A great light and sustainable selection .. yummy Linda 

I would be extremely happy to have the exact same menu at the next retreat. Was terrific Zelda

I loved it, it was so tasty Kim L

Absolutely outstanding! Diane 


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